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    Chair of Computer Science VI - Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science

    The chair of applied computer science and artificial intelligence is currently involved in a multitude of projects. See the list below for out current projects and interests.

    Research Projects

    • Information Extraction from medical documents (MIS-Based, DZHI)
    • Information Extraction from novels (Kallimachos)
    • Layout Analysis of (medievil) Printings (Kallimachos)
    • Building a medical data warehouse (MIS-Based, DZHI)
    • Integrated medical decision support and critiquing systems (MIS-Based, DZHI)
    • Analysis of student and course data (StudiPro)
    • Diagnosis of satellites (ADIA++)
    • Blended Learning: assessment of structured documents (it4all)
    • Deep Learning
    • Medical image processing
    • [Communicating Agents in specialized topics]

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