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    Chair of Computer Science VI - Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science

    Puppe, Frank

    Prof. Dr. Frank Puppe

    Head of Chair for Artificial Intelligence and Applied Informatics

    Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg,
    Institute for Computer Science
    Chair for Computer Science VI,
    Am Hubland, D-97074 Würzburg.

    Tel.: +49 931 / 31 - 86730,
    Fax: +49 931 / 31 - 86732,
    Room:  B010 in Computer Science Building


    Education 1991 habilitation (Karlsruhe Univ.): Problem solving with expert systems
      1986 dissertation (Kaiserslautern Univ.): Diagnostic problem solving
      1983 Diploma in Computer Science (Bonn Univ.)
    Professional Experience 2015-2017 senator
      2011-2013 dean
      2008-2011 dean of students
      since 1992: full professor at Würzburg university
      1988: guest scientist in Clinical Decision Making Group (MIT, Boston)
      1987: Six-month deputyship for Professor at Hamburg University
    Research Fields Medical Informatics
      Text Mining, Information Extraction,
      Knowledge-based Systems, Knowledge discovery,
      Deep Learning
      Imaging (e.g. Medicine, OCR)
      Data Warehouse development, Data Mining
    Current Projects 2014-2017 Kallimachos (BMBF supported center for digital edition and quantitative analysis; information extraction from novels)
      2015-2019 IT4All (Digital Campus Bavaria): E-Learning
      since 2010: Member of Comprehensive Heart Failure Center: responsible for Clinical Data Warehouse of Würzburg university hospital
      since 2011: report generation and data warehouse for student monitoring (with Wuerzburg university)
      since 2012: European Registry of Abdominal Wall Hernias: responsible for data entry web platform and data warehouse
      2017-2018 PUCK: Portabel and ubiquitious knowledge in the cloud (ZIM; with denkbares GmbH)
      2015-2017 ADIA++: Autonomous diagnostic system for nano satellites (DLR; with Prof. Kayal)
    Functions & Memberships Editorial Board Member: International Journal of Applied Artificial Intelligence (since 1996), Informatik Spektrum (since 1990, responsible for Aktuelles Schlagwort)
      Member in GI (Gesellschaft für Informatik) and GMDS ( Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie)
      Co-Founder of several companies within the field of knowledge systems

    Selected Publications

    Puppe, F.: Knowledge Reuse among Diagnostic Problem Solving Methods in the Shell-Kit D3, in: International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 49, 627-649, 1998.

    Buscher, H.P., Engler, Ch., Führer, A., Kirschke, S., Puppe, F.: HepatoConsult: A Knowledge-Based Second Opinion and Documentation System, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 24, 205-216, 2002.

    Krämer, D., Reimer, S., Hörnlein, A., Betz, C., Puppe, F., Kneitz, C.: Evaluation of a novel case-based Training Program (d3web.Train) in Hematology, Annals of Haematology 84 (12), 823-829, 2005.

    Puppe, F.; Atzmueller, M.; Buscher, G.; Huettig, M.; Luehrs, H.; Buscher, H.-P. Application and Evaluation of a Medical Knowledge-System in Sonography (SONOCONSULT) Proc. 18th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-08), Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems (PAIS-08), pp. 683-687, 2008

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    Lemmerich, F., Becker, M., Puppe, F.: Difference-Based Estimates for Generalization-Aware Subgroup Discovery. In: Blockeel, H., et al. (eds.) ECML/PKDD, LNCS 8190,  288-303. Best Paper Award, Springer (2013).

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