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    Lehrstuhl für Informatik VI - Künstliche Intelligenz und Angewandte Informatik

    Georg Fette

    University of Würzburg
    Department for Artificial Intelligence
    and Applied Computer Science
    Am Hubland
    D-97074 Würzburg

    Room:  B009
    Phone: +49 931 / 31 - 85516
    Fax:    +49 931 / 31 - 86732


    • Medical Data Processing
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Data Mining
    • Workflow Systems
    • Software Architecture
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Neural Networks
    • Board Games
    • Computer Games



    • Java, SQL, C#, Smalltalk
    • MySQL, MicrosoftSQL
    • Eclipse, RCP
    • Neo4J, a graph database, Gremlin, a query language for Neo4J
    • POI, a Java API for Office
    • RUTA, a text annotation language and tool
    • ConWeaver
    • Natural Language Processing Tools (POS-tagger, Parsers)
    • medical terminology standards (ICD-10, OPS, SNOMED-CT)
    • medical data model standards (I2B2 EAV, OMOP CDM, PCORnet CMD, CDA, CDM, OpenEHR)


    • Patients not consenting in registry participation- another black box in acute heart failure registries. Results from AHF Registry. Feldmann, C; Mathias, Kaspar; Mittenzwei, K; Mohrbach, Carline; Ertl, Max; Fette, Georg; Puppe, Frank; Ertl, Georg; Angermann, Chritine; Stoerk, Stefan (2017).
    • Patient’s and physician’s awareness of kidney disease in coronary heart disease patients – a cross-sectional analysis of the German subset of the EUROASPIRE IV survey. Wagner, Martin; Wanner, Christoph; Schich, Martin; Kotseva, Kornelia; Wood, David; Hartmann, Katrin; Fette, Georg; Rücker, Viktoria; Oezkur, Mehmet; Störk, Stefan; Heuschmann, Peter U. in BMC Nephrology (2017).
    • GMS2017_Import_2.docx
      A customizable importer for the clinical data warehouses PaDaWaN and I2B2. Georg, Fette; Mathias, Kaspar; Georg, Dietrich; Max, Ertl; Jonathan, Krebs; Stefan, Störk; Frank, Puppe in Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (2017).
    • SP308 INTRA-INDIVIDUAL CHANGES IN HIGH-SENSITIVE TROPONIN I AND T LEVELS IMPROVE DIAGNOSTIC PERFORMANCE FOR ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION IN PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE. Kraus, Daniel; von Jeinsen, Beatrice; Tzikas, Stergios; Palapies, Lars; Zeller, Tanja; Bickel, Christoph; Fette, Georg; Lackner, Karl; Drechsler, Christiane; Neumann, Johannes; others, in Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (2017). 32(suppl_3) iii211--iii211.
    • GMDS_2017_Text_Queries_camera_ready.docx
      Extending the Query Language of a Data Warehouse for Patient Recruitment. Dietrich, Georg; Ertl, Max; Fette, Georg; Kaspar, Mathias; Krebs, Jonathan; Mackenrodt, Daniel; Stefan, Störk; Frank, Puppe (2017).
    • or_submission_83_4_1.docx
      Semi-automatic Terminology Generation for Information Extraction from German Chest X-ray Reports. Krebs, Jonathan; Corovic, Hamo; Dietrich, Georg; Ertl, Max; Fette, Georg; Kaspar, Mathias; Störk, Stefan; Puppe, Frank (2017).


    • HEC2016.pdf
      An improved data workflow for a medical data warehouse. Fette, Georg; Ertl, Maximilian; Dietrich, Georg; Krebs, Jonathan; Toepfer, Martin; Störk, Stefan; Kaspar, Mathias; Puppe, Frank in European Journal of Epidemiology; Health—exploring complexity: an interdisciplinary systems approach HEC2016 (2016). 31, Supplement 1 54.
    • Data Linkage from Clinical to Study Databases via an R Data Warehouse User Interface. Kaspar, M; Ertl, M; Fette, G; Dietrich, G; Toepfer, M; Angermann, C; St"ork, S; Puppe, F; others, in Methods of Information in Medicine (2016). 55(4) 381--386.
    • UIMA Ruta: Rapid development of rule-based information extraction applications. Kluegl, Peter; Toepfer, Martin; Beck, Philip-Daniel; Fette, Georg; Puppe, Frank in Natural Language Engineering (2016). 22(1) 1-40.
    • Prevalence of severe mitral regurgitation eligible for edge-to-edge mitral valve repair (MitraClip). Wallenborn, J; St"ork, S; Herrmann, S; Kukuy, O; Fette, G; Puppe, F; Gorski, A; Hu, K; Voelker, W; Ertl, G; Weidemann, F in Clin Res Cardiol (2016).


    • GMDS2015_padawan.pdf
      Die grafische Benutzeroberfläche PaDaWaN für das klinische Data Warehouse für Routinedaten an der Universitätsklinik Würzburg. Fette, Georg; Dietrich, Georg; Ertl, Max; Toepfer, Martin; Kaspar, Mathias; Störk, Stefan; Puppe, Frank (2015).
    • GMDS2015_Validierung_mit_Hintergrundwissen.pdf
      Fallstudie zur Validierung eines klinischen Data-Warehouse mit Hintergrundwissen. Dietrich, Georg; Fette, Georg; Ertl, Max; Toepfer, Martin; Kaspar, Mathias; Störk, Stefan; Puppe, Frank (2015).
    • Extraktion und Transfer patientenbezogener Daten aus klinischen Informationssystemen in Studiendatenbanken - effektive Unterstützung klinisch-epidemiologischer Forschung durch ein Data Warehouse. Kaspar, Mathias; Fette, Georg; Ertl, Max; Dietrich, Georg; Nagler, Nils; Störk, Stefan; Angermann, Christiane; Puppe, Frank (2015).
    • GMDS2015-Lufu-IE-final.pdf
      Extraktion von Lungenfunktionsparametern aus Arztbriefen. Toepfer, Martin; Schmidt, David; Dietrich, Georg; Ertl, Max; Fette, Georg; Kaspar, Mathias; Störk, Stefan; Puppe, Frank (2015).
    • Fine-grained information extraction from German transthoracic echocardiography reports. Toepfer, Martin; Corovic, Hamo; Fette, Georg; Klügl, Peter; Störk, Stefan; Puppe, Frank in BMC Med. Inf. & Decision Making (2015). 15 91.


    • 2014-GMDS-Paper3.pdf
      Extraktion kodierter Daten aus textuellen Befundberichten: Eine Fallstudie zu Echokardiographieberichten. Toepfer, M.; Beck, P.D.; Dietrich, G.; Ertl, M.; Fette, G.; Kluegl, P.; Störk, S.; Puppe, F. (2014).
    • paper_LWA_2014_Comparison.pdf
      A Comparison of Search Engine Technologies for a Clinical Data Warehouse. Dietrich, Georg; Fette, Georg; Puppe, Frank in CEUR Workshop Proceedings, T. Seidl, Hassani, M., Beecks, C. (Hrsg.) (2014). (Bd. 1226) 235-242.
    • Anfrage-spezifische Validierung in einem Data Warehouse für klinische Routinedaten an der Universitätsklinik Würzburg. Dietrich, G.; Fette, G.; Beck, P.D.; Ertl, M.; Toepfer, M.; Kluegl, P.; Kaspar, M.; Störk, S.; Puppe, F. (2014).
    • UIMA Ruta Workbench: Rule-based Text Annotation. Klügl, Peter; Toepfer, Martin; Beck, Philip-Daniel; Fette, Georg; Puppe, Frank L. Tounsi, Rak, R. (Hrsg.) (2014). 29-33.
    • Integrated Tools for Query-driven Development of Light-weight Ontologies and Information Extraction Components. Toepfer, Martin; Fette, Georg; Beck, Philip-Daniel; Klügl, Peter; Puppe, Frank (2014). 83--92.


    • paper_GSCL_2013_StoringCASes.pdf
      Storing UIMA CASes in a relational database. Fette, Georg; Toepfer, Martin; Puppe, Frank in CEUR Workshop Proceedings, P. Klügl, de Castilho, R. E., Tomanek, K. (Hrsg.) (2013). (Bd. 1038) 10-13.
    • paper_GSCL_2013_Contraint.pdf
      Constraint-driven Evaluation in UIMA Ruta. Wittek, Andreas; Toepfer, Martin; Fette, Georg; Klügl, Peter; Puppe, Frank in CEUR Workshop Proceedings, P. Klügl, Eckart de Castilho, R., Tomanek, K. (Hrsg.) (2013). (Bd. 1038) 58-65.
    • ADIA: A Novel Onboard Failure Diagnostic System for Nanosatellites. Fellinger, Gerhard; Dietrich, Georg; Fette, Georg; Kayal, Hakan; Puppe, Frank; Schneider, Volker; Wojtkowiak, Harald (2013). (Bd. IAC-13,B4,3,10,x17926)


    • GMDS-KI-InfoExtr_01.pdf
      Information Extraction from Unstructured Electronic Health Records and Integration into a Data Warehouse. Fette, Georg; Ertl, Maximilian; Wörner, Anja; Klügl, Peter; Störk, Stefan; Puppe, Frank in LNI, U. Goltz, Magnor, M. A., Appelrath, H. -J., Matthies, H. K., Balke, W. -T., Wolf, L. C. (Hrsg.) (2012). (Bd. 208) 1237-1251.
    • A Document-Centered Authoring Approach for Ontology Engineering. Reutelshoefer, Jochen; Baumeister, Joachim; Fette, Georg; Puppe, Frank in FGWM'12: Proceedings of German Workshop of Knowledge and Experience Management (at LWA'2012), (LWA2012, Hrsg.) (2012).


    • lwa-wir2011_submission_4.pdf
      Information Extraction from Echocardiography Records. Fette, Georg; Klügl, Peter; Ertl, Maximilian; Störk, Stefan; Puppe, Frank M. Spiliopoulou, Nürnberger, A., Schult, R. (Hrsg.) (2011). 187-190.


    • Fette2005a.pdf
      Short Term Memory and Pattern Matching with Simple Echo State Networks. Fette, Georg; Eggert, Julian in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, W. Duch, Kacprzyk, J., Oja, E., Zadrozny, S. (Hrsg.) (2005). (Bd. 3696) 13-18.

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